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KACECO Engineering CO., LTD.(Representative Hyun-Hym, Kim, will participate in the 15th Korea International Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Conference _HARFKO 2019 at the KINTEX Exhibition Hall in Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do from March 12 to March 15 and demonstrate (1) Fine dust removal Air handling unit, (2) computer room server rack Air conditioner (3) package Air conditioner.

■ Fine dust removal Air handling unit
(1) Solution:
To solve the problem of fine dust, which is becoming a big issue recently, we propose a solution by applying Fine dust removal Air handling unit to a variety of locations, including complex facilities, industrial buildings and training facilities.
(2) Features As the Air handling unit is operated, Indoor air circulation is performed through the detection sensor device installed in the external air inflow device when the CO2 concentration is low. When the CO2 concentration is high, the air circulation is performed by introducing the outside air. At this time, the external fine dust flows into the inside. When the fine dust concentration is more than the set value, the conductive electrostatic ultra-fine dust filter is automatically operated, so the outside air is filtered through the filter and clean air supplied to the room. Parts applied to Potential Fault Risk Evaluating System [Patent No: 10-1435505] check the cause of potential defect before shipment. It is easy to maintain and convenient even for beginners. - Fine dust removal Air handling unit : Central - Remote control Air handling unit with fine dust removal device [Patent Registration No: 10-1629864]

■Computer room server rack Air conditioner
(1) Solution:
Low-Power, High-Efficiency Server Rack Air conditioner is a efficient device in protecting expensive equipment and data in the server.
(2) Features:
For computer room server rack, It should be considered that temperature, humidity environment and energy saving is first priority. It is important to keep the internal temperature constant and to prevent hot spots. Conventional thermo-hygrostat has energy loss due to the cooling process of the entire computer room to eliminate the heat of the computer equipment. In constant, Our server room rack Air conditioner only removes the heat inside the rack, thereby providing high efficiency cooling with low power.

■ Package air conditioner (DVM-AHU-S)
(1) Solution:
This product is suitable for various demands of customers and is compatible with air-cooled outdoor units and chilling units in various commercial products, and is a sufficient to capture the niche in the commercial / industrial market.
(2) Features:
Available to connect high performance commercial air-cooled outdoor unit and chiller unit with cooling / heating. It can be flexibly installed according to various installation environments, and it is easy to install even in places where it is difficult to arrange.

KACECO engineering was established in 1986 and We have 32-years technology and experience of air conditioning refrigeration. We supply these product; water cooling system air conditioner, refrigerant type EHP/GHP/GEO air conditioner, renewable hybrid air conditioner, ceiling mounting type air conditioner, JET AHU, grand type air conditioner, chiller, heat exchanger and air conditioning/industrial fan. Especially, For Air handling unit, we recorded steady sales every year through Samsung Electronics, semiconductor and LG display etc. We have supplied more than 200 pieces of products to LG Display Paju, Vietnam and Guangzhou area in 2018. In addition, we have sold industrial air conditioners with high-level engineering technology in a number of domestic and overseas markets. So we are in charge of a leading role in manufacturing industrial air conditioners.

We are developing various Refrigerating and Air-conditioning derivative products and parts with steady R & D. We plan to continuously increase the ratio of R & D investment to 20% of sales. In 2018, we expanded the size of Gunpo Sales Headquarters in the facility investment, and the factory in Poseung Industrial Complex was also expanded to 3,000 sqm from the existing 1900 sqm and was relocated. In addition, With operating HVACmall (, a comprehensive shopping mall, We sell various air-conditioning refrigeration products online.

We would make every effort to supply our high quality products to customers as soon as possible. We would make fair competition and social responsibility mission of company, and keep our two main promise which are ethical management and giving back to the society.



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